Frequently Asked Questions

When was your company started?
            In the fall of 1997

What is your license number?
            Tarrant County License #140

What types of payment do you take?
            Credit/Debit cards, ATM cards, checks and cash of course

What is the fastest a bond can put in place?
            That is a rather ambiguous question. A bond can be done in as little as 5 minutes depending on what jail the person is in, what charge (ticket, criminal, etc…). There is a process one must go through on the bonding company’s part and the part of the jail, jailers, bond clerks, etc.

What items does a defendant or co-signer have to provide to obtain a bond?
            To co-sign a bond one needs to own or be buying a home, have credit, have had their job for a while (at least one of these!). They will be asked to complete an application and give references (3) with names, addresses and phone numbers. I liken it to co-signing a loan as essentially that is what it is…. a loan for a fixed rate.

Do you have payment plans?
            I do but I try to get as close to my bond fee as possible but I have taken as little as 5% down but that is usually on the higher bond amounts. On the smaller bonds I have a set fee which includes my out of pocket costs to execute that bond.

Do you do “difficult” or “un-doable” bonds?
            Yes. I consider every bond I am called on. Every situation and every person is, in my opinion, unique. What appears on paper or public record to be a high risk or really “really bad person” is not always the best way to judge something.

Are you licensed only in Tarrant County?
Yes, but I can arrange to have a bond done even in another state. It is known as a split bond where another company that IS licensed in the jurisdiction the person is incarcerated in agrees to bond my client and the fee and liability is split between the two of us. Or if I know a reputable company/bondsperson in a particular county I will often refer the person attempting to bond someone out. I do many of these in Parker, Dallas, Denton, Wise, etc. I have managed to get a bond done for a man who was arrested in New England on a Dallas warrant. Every situation is different and requires different approaches.

Do you accept fax submissions for a bond?
            As a rule no, but I have sent and received bail bond applications via fax to expedite the bonding process.

What is the lowest percentage charged on a bond?
            As a rule 10%, but again that varies depending on the risk assessment of the bond, the person needing to be bonded, etc. Many that claim to post at a straight ten percent often are getting ten percent annually or charging weekly or monthly service charges to call to check in. I do not do any of that. I disclose up front my bond fee in full. Also, on the lower bond amounts, say $500.00 to $2,500.00, I have set fees which include the average cost to do the bond of $50.00.